Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Handy Husband!

With 6 people now living in our home, laundry has become a large issue. It seems like I am doing 3 -4 loads every day. Some of this will calm down after basketball season but it will continue to be a big job everyday. I was really struggling with staging the clothes. I would carry them all the way to our bedroom and then try to fold them on the bed and redistribute them. Sometimes I would try to utilize the kitchen table or the counter in the kitchen but there is never any guarantee that those spaces would be free and clear. Usually I just tried to fold and stack them on the washer as they came out of the dryer. This meant a lot of shifting clothes out of the way. Then I remembered that we had a wall table in storage. With a little bit of effort, Mr. got it installed last night and wala.... a handy work surface just where I needed it! The table folds flat against the wall to get it out of the way if needed.