Thursday, June 10, 2010

A true story

I set out Sunday morning to prepare roast and potato's in the crock pot for lunch before we left for church. I believe it may have taken longer to prepare the potato's than it did for them to actually cook. This is a true story of my potato preparation and accurately depicts what happens whenever I attempt to accomplish any task these days.

I got out the potatoes and a knife.
I washed the potato while baby 1 fussed at my leg. Picked baby 1 up for a brief cuddle and redirected him towards a box of special toys I keep for just this type of situation. Put baby 1 down and pick up potato and knife. Meanwhile baby 2 has spotted baby 1's toys and is attempting a cue. Put down knife and potato and separate babies giving baby 2 her own special box. pick up knife and potato and begin to peal. Baby 1 now wants the toys that baby 2 has and has tackled baby 2. put down knife and potato and put baby 2 in time out. set timer and settle baby 2 back down. Deal with end of time out, restructure toys, pick up potato and knife. Finish 1 potato.

Pick up second potato and notice that Baby 1 has disappeared and is suspiciously quiet. Put down potato and find Baby 1 playing with some papers he should not have. Redirect baby 1 with an approved paper and crayons. Return to potato. Baby 2 has dirty diaper. Put down potato and change baby 2 diaper. In meantime Baby 1 has tired of paper and crayons and has thrown crayons on the floor where baby 1 is making a mad dash to get as many as she can before they are picked up. Help Baby 1 to pick up and put away crayons. Pick up second potato again and began pealing. Baby 2 is still mad about being thwarted in crayon attempt and is fussing at my feet. When I don't respond as she wants she begins to pull things off the kitchen shelves. Put down Potato and direct baby 2 to the approved cupboards for play.

I could go on but its late and you get the point. Only 10 more potatoes to go!