Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday June 25th

Monday May 24th written on Tuesday May 25th
Outside my window: The sun is shining and the temperatures are climbing. An otherwise perfect day ruined by humidity!
I am thinking: about the ying and yang of having a rug under our dining table. It saves the wood floors from being scratched by chairs and it looks nice but it has also become a real challenge to keep spot cleaned!
From the learning room: This week worm and crawfish dissection. It would be less than honest of me to stay that anyone in our home is looking forward to this experience! I should also note in the interest of full discloser that I refused to dissect when in I was in high school on the grounds of animal cruelty and instead earned my A in advanced biology by cleaning up the lab afterward. A fine example of public education! I'll post pictures next week!
In My kitchen
Friday: a real treat. Mr. was in Marshaltown and picked up Zeno's pizza for us!
Saturday: We ate out, using a gift certificate someone had blessed us with.
Sunday: chicken corn chowder
Monday: hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon and chips on a picnic
Tuesday: sandwiches and chips due to softball game
Wednesday: tex mex taco dinner
Thursday: hash brown casserole
I am trying two new menu items this week which is quite brave of me! The chicken corn chowder was not a big hit with the family. We will see how the tex mex taco dinner goes!
I am wearing: a denim skirt and white tshirt with white flip flops
I am praying: for the social workers visit to our home this week and the termination hearing next week.
I am reading: I am not reading it yet but I plan on picking up a copy of Toddlerwise by the Ezzo's this week.
I am hearing: one of the children telling me a fish story! He is eating goldfish and telling me all about how they swim in the water.
One of my favorite things: Is this section of our garden. The area is shaded by our plum tree so I have planted hosta's ferns, and bleeding hearts. It has really filled in nicely this year!
Around the house: the strawberries are in. We picked our first cup or so yesterday. I'm not sure how many were eaten and never saw the pan:). It will be a daily chore from now to the end of June!

A few plans for the rest of the week: We spent Monday morning putting the garden in. I did not have to plant salad this year. The volunteer heads that came up are plentiful and we planted everything else around them. The potatoes that I gave up on winter over and are now growing again. The garlic we gave up for lost last year is growing and thriving. We sure picked a hot day for it and I had lots of help!