Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday September October 26, 2009

Outside My window: The sun is shining. If you are standing in its path you will feel its warmth but the breeze brings a chill. It would have been a nice day to be outside but I only made it as far as the mail box and back.

I am thinking about how easy it is to make things look good on line when sometimes that is not the reality. I don't think we do it on purpose. Its just funner to talk about the good stuff. Love protects, we don't want to talk about the "bad" days. We live them. Unfortunately, this can give a slanted view of our homes and our families. We are not perfect, no one in our house is perfect. We have bad days, good days, really bad days, and great days. In an attempt to provide balance in discourse the Learning Room has really been a struggle for me this year. DMD has exceeded my knowledge level for math. I have found this limitation frustrating and hard to deal with. Mr. took over math which was a huge relief for me but his time is limited so after a couple months of struggling with how to make upper level math function we ordered the Dive CD ROM and will have to do a combination of myself, the CD and Mr. DYS has been slacking off, skipping work and doing the bare minimum that he thinks he can get by with. This is out of character for him and has required a level of surveillance and structure that I am not used to nor do I enjoy. We are also struggling with study skills as most of our curriculums have tests as the tool being used to mark progress. Things most other children learn in kindergarten, like never leave an answer blank is foreighn to my kids who think if you don't know the answer its wrong and should be left blank. All of these things have led to a pretty high level of fustration regarding our school work. Fortunatly, God is faithful to provide. Math is going better. With consistance and patience we will over come dys's work struggles and everyone will learn how to take tests.

From the kitchen: I spent Sunday afternoon making empenyadas! It is an all afternoon process but sooooo worth the wait! This is what DMD requested for her birthday dinner.

Friday: home made pizza
Saturday: Hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled italian cheese potatoes
Sunday: empenyadas, flat bread, and salad
Monday: small group meal
Tuesday: kids pick (Mr. and I have class)
Wednesday: kids and Mr. eat at church
Thursday: I had planned on French toast but I think I will roast a chicken. We ate the french toast this morning!

I am wearing a black knit skirt, with a long sleeve black t and a maroon sweater over the top.

I am going to small group dinner tonight.

I am praying for my friends who home school who are feeling as challenged as I am right now!

I am reading What would Audrey Do by Pamela Keogh. I have just started it and have not gotten very far. So far I am enjoying it.

I am hearing the radio and listening to a local talk show program with only one ear. They are talking football. Not anything I am interested in.

Around the house: DMD has had her 15th birthday and is now the proud owner of a cell phone. Isn't she beautiful!

Mr. finished the dry wall around the staircase and ot it painted. He also made and painted the cover box for the water meter in the downstairs living room. The canoes got moved to their winter storage place. The dog got a hair cut and a bath. Mr. got a haircut. DYS is going for the shaggy look and has so far avoided my hair shears. Mr. recently got me a new pair of hair shears and they are AMAZING! I now understand why stylist spend so much money on their shears!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tuesday we are going to go see Ellis Island at the civic center and have lunch with our friends. Tuesday night we have our adoption classes. Wednesday we are going to tae kwondo and life group. Thursday morning DMD has art class and we have bible study in the evening. Friday is writing class. Soccer game on Saturday.

One of my favorite things: this old bike. I just think it looks so cool. I wish we lived closer to shopping because I would so ride this bike to the store!