Monday, September 28, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Monday September 28, 2009

Outside my window we are having a fine Autumn day. There is a clean, cool breeze and the temperature is supposed to reach the mid sixties. It is not feeling like it should be the end of September. I think it is because our big maple tree used to lead the season off. It was always the first tree in the neighborhood to change colors and loose its leaves.

I am thinking about how thankful I am for prayer. At my woman's bible study last week we were each assigned someone to pray for us. When the woman who drew my name asked for my prayer request I explained that I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed and stressed this past month so I specifically asked her for prayer that I would be purposeful and diligent in accomplishing my tasks and then resting in the things left undone. I can say that this prayer was answered over the weekend. Friday morning I normally get groceries but instead I sat down and graded all of the kids papers as well as planned out the next week. Everything else seemed to fall in place and here I am on Monday morning with virtually no stress and all the major things out of the way and off the table. I still have an incredibly busy week ahead but at least I feel caught up and for that I am thankful!

From the learning Room: I have been teaching a unit study for our co-op on the book Charlotte's Web. I purchased a lap book study from an on line source. It has been fun just listening to the kids read out loud and enjoy the story. Next month my husband is coming to teach car maintenance to the older kids in the c0-op. This group ranges from 7th grade through high school. I have been asking Mr. to come and teach one of his many talents since co-op began six years ago. He is finally going to do it! In November all the different classes will be gearing up to do a December performance night. Each age level doing a little skit, recitation, or song. The co-op has been a wonderful blessing to our family through the years. We have made many good friends and enjoyed many wonderful experiences do to the dedication, skills, and talents of other families. The picture to the right is my husband and son fencing at the Minnesota Renaissance festival. Mr. Sturm is the winner in the lovely yellow suit!

From the kitchen: Our house has been permeated by the smell of cooking apples. Three days later WE ARE FINISHED! WHEW! This year we had 165 pounds of apples. Just more than half of what we harvested last year. I made one recipe of freezer pie filling, several batches of dehydrated apple chips and quarts and quarts of applesauce with the help of family and friend. (39 to be exact).

F - ZENNO'S pizza in Marshaltown. Our favorite day trip with Mr. Sturm.
Saturday - scalloped cheesy potatoes and ham
Sunday - quesidillias
Monday - small group dinner out
Tuesday - chicken salad pita's
Wednesday - dinner at church
Thursday - hash brown egg bake - This is a new recipe I am trying out.

I am wearing: white Capri yoga pants and a baby blue Nike t shirt.

I am going to walk to the local library on this gorgeous fall day.

I am praying for; My family as well as my own prayer life to be strengthened and deepened. For the young woman whose name I choose at bible study. For

I am reading: The oath by Frank Peretti.

I am hearing: Leaves rustling down the street, a leaf blower running in the distance, cars passing by, keyboard keys clicking as I type and my daughter types. We are sitting side by side, computer by computer.

Around the house: Mr. hung three closet doors over the weekend! So nice to have those installed.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Now that apples are out of the way, I need to finish painting the trim outside my sons new window. I just have a little touch up work to do there. Then I can begin a staining project. None of the doors in our house have been stained yet. I need to stain Eight doors. That might take the rest of my spare time this week! The garden also needs cleaned out. We are planning to lay newspapers down and bring in several trailer loads of mulch. That will take some time as well.

One of my favorite things has always been nature outings with my children. I thought maybe they were getting to old when lo and behold my 9th grade daughters science text called for us to visit a stagnant pond to take samples and document the area. We took the samples, snapped some pictures, and made some sketches. It was fun tramping around through the weeds exploring God's creation together.