Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Womans Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook Monday June
Outside my window it is another sunny humid Iowa summer day. Thank God for air conditioning and the swimming pool.
I am thinking about what the rest of my week will look like. The only real goal I have is to get the garden under control and well, that may take the rest of the week!
I am thankful that my husband is on his way home and will be home today! I hate it when Mr. is away from home. It is so unusual that I don't sleep well.
From the learning room: In the past I have assigned a time value to every subject. During the day the kids then have an hourly schedule that tells them what they should be working on. If math is easy that day and their time is not up, they would just go on to the next page. If the page was difficult and at the end of the hour not finished the kids could move on and pick up where they left off the next day. This has worked well because both DMD and MYS have a work ethic and they both stay focused and do the work. I am considering moving them to a more lesson plan based scheduled. When I talked to them last night we agreed that we would try it for the first week of school. My hope is that they would finish their days sooner While potentially getting the same amount of work done because instead of a time it would just be the end of an assignment. We'll see. They are sceptical about change. We will keep the time limit on foreign language.
From the kitchen: Meal plans will continue to be on hold until next week.
I am wearing blue capri shorts and a burnt orange tank top.
I am going to canoe at chicagua bottoms with our small group. The kids and I got the canoe loaded last night. I am so excited to get out on the water. I can't even remember the last time I was in the canoe.
I am praying for Mr. and DOD who are driving the rest of the way home today.
I am reading Exodus as our church is just beginning a series on it.
I am hearing the kids laughing and playing in the pool.
Around the house: All of my flower beds are weeding and fresh mulch put down. I was hoping by accomplishing this that I would feel more able to tackle the garden. It is amazing how awful out of control it was after two weeks of being gone. I spent several hours out there when we first came home but it did not even make a dent. A large part of the problem was that the straw we purchased for mulching in the garden had oat seeds. What I am referring to as weeds is really a heavy crop of oats with a few weeds thrown in for good measure. We ordered the window for DYS's room. I can't wait to have that installed. It will be so nice to have natural light in that room again!
A few plans for the rest of the week; Today we are hanging out pool side. I love this pool. Tonight we will be canoeing and then tomorrow the disbursement begins again. DYS is off to camp grandma and DMD is off to Sunshine a christian music festival in Minn. with family friends. Which we leave me on my own the rest of the week as Mr. and DOD will be working. Mr. has a mini horse show over the weekend and I am attending the Fathers of Vision conference in Des Moines. Friday and Saturday. I have been looking forward to this conference for quite awhile. Kevin Swanson will be speaking.

One of my favorite things: Sleeping children! I picked my DYS up from his first ever week at camp. He had a fabulous time but was completely exhausted. He pretty much slept for 24 hours straight. He woke up to eat and that was about it. During three different attemps to have conversation with him he fell asleep. I also would find him asleep in different parts of the house, as if he had been awake, made it only so far and then crashed.