Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Transitioning Life

It goes by so quickly, the years and tears and prayers in a never ceasing flow. One by one the
the children grow. A life full from cuddling in the night hours, kissing scraped knees and bruised hearts. Collapsing from exhaustion and tears of frustration. Thinking it would never end and yet ending so quickly.

Constantly adjusting to changing personalities and growing bodies. The new smell of baby snuggling into your chest smelling so sweetly. The warm sweaty body of an athlete triumphant in victory quickly and fleetingly touching hands in a high five. The wails of a toddler who wants what she wants. The sobs of a daughter struggling to understand the world around her.

Teaching them who God is to watching them walk independent with their Lord. Not always pretty but always moving forward. From holding my finger with their tiny hand balancing on the balls of their feet. Running ahead while looking behind to see if you are watching. Moving into the future, tall and strong on their own.

Days that never ended but days that passed by like the brief thunderstorm that threatens the summer sky. Like the ripening of strawberries on the vine, waiting to be sweetened by the sun and the rain. A mother looking back and longing for those days again. Unsure as she looks into the future, still young and yet old. A heart overflowing with love, willing and wanting to give yet already full vessels to pour into.

A house full of laughter and noise to a house full of silence. Still needed yes, but not so much. Transitioning