Friday, March 03, 2006

Ugly Attitude

I was in the health food store yesterday looking for hommus and tahini. My husband recently committed to a vegetarian diet which has led me to search out things that we have not tried before. I would like to make hommus thus why I purchased the tahini . Then I decided that I would buy the hommus so I knew what it tasted like before I made it. In the process of finding these things and making these decisions I had opportunity to speak with one of the sales clerks. We shared a conversation on how difficult it can be to make the transition from the SAD diet to a vegetarian diet. But despite her charm and the many tips she shared with me, what has stayed with me the past day is her attitude towards her parents. She made fun of them for not understanding her way of eating and for their attempts to cook healthier for her when she visits. Her parents actually think that not putting cheese on the hamburger makes it healthier. Every meal is made from hamburger ectra ectra and they think that she is snobby. I wish I were a braver person. I wish I had said to her that she is a snob and nothing in anything she has relayed to me showed any respect or love for her parents. I wish I would have thought to tell her that obviously her parents love her and are at least making an attempt to please her and to understand her on her visits. That would have been more than I could be said about her attitude.