Monday, March 20, 2006

I feel a need to vent about my Sunday morning experience. ( PP is my abbreviation for pet peeve! )This Sunday, I attended our adult abf class. PP1; it is age segregated. The topic of the teaching was the DaVinci Code. PP2 There are 66 books of the bible could we not teach about one of them? The topic at hand was feminism and how the Davinci code portrayed the relationship of woman to the church. I have very strong feelings about feminisism in the church and I am fairly well read on the subject so I settled back hoping to hear and learn something new. I was also the only one in the class who has read the DaVinci code. PP4 if you are going to teach something to a group of people at least be knowlegeable in the subject matter you are going to teach. PP5 the churchs inability to stand by what the bible says without apologizing for it. PP6 determining that the bible reflects a cultural bias and that what is written reflects only on the culture of that time. PP7 teaching on submission but really lecturing the men on how they are supposed to be servent leaders. PP8 when someone in your class that you are teaching asks you a question either admit you don't know what you are teaching about or answer the question!!! PP9 God is either omnispicant or he is not. Its one or other, he does not give us any other choices.