Friday, February 17, 2006

A Neutral Education

It seems to me that almost daily I hear something that makes me grateful that I am able to homeschool my children. This morning it was news that a local school had taken the children off to a mosque in the name of cultural diversity and social studies. Visiting would be one thing but apparently the children were all encouraged to pray to Allah while they were there. Then there was the matter of the social studies book that was being used. It told the children that there was no difference between the Christian God, the Jewish God, or the Muslim God. As a Christian that is blaspheme. The God I worship is NOT Allah. Those kids were not exposed to an educational environment, they were subjected to a heavy dose of propaganda. Even worse to me is that if my child were in that class they would have been actively encouraged to sin against God by the persons in authority over them. As a parent, as a Christian this is not acceptable and it is the main reason we homeschool. It is the clash of world views and my right as a parent to educate and instill in my children the world view of their parents. To transmit to my children the values and beliefs that I hold important. The public schools have claimed neutrality in the area of religion for a long time and despite the fact that no education can be neutral in values many people decided it was true and have lived in blissfully ignorance of the reality. Not only is our education system teaching "religions" it is also hostile to Christianity.

I think it would be easier to face the open persecution of a country like china. In that environment you know that you are being persecuted. You have to make a stand and you do not have the opportunity to pretend like it does not exist because they will drag you out of your house and shoot you. Those Christians understand the cost of their faith and it has made them strong and bold. The Christians of America face persecution but they do not recognize it and even if they do they will deny it. A Christian couples with a child in that class has removed him. They will homeschool him in social studies with an alternative book that the school district has provided for them. He can then continue to learn about sex from planned parenthood materials, he can study science that refutes a creator, he can study math that denies the greatest mathematician and history from a perspective that denies God is today active or was ever active in the lives of the race he created. Sounds neutral to me.