Saturday, February 04, 2006

A week on hold

Last Sunday my husband left for Bogulasa Lousianna to help repair hurricane damaged homes and remove downed trees. It has been a busy week for him and when he arrives home late tonight he will need to catch up on some much needed rest. From past experience, he will also need a listening ear as he processes and downloads all the information both intellectual and emotion that he has accumulated in the last week.

In the meantime I have been holding down the fort. I found out that our son is near sighted and color blind. He will be getting glasses this next week. Our oldest daughter competed in the state speech content. She will not be going on to finals but she made it all the way to state and I am so proud! I also tackled a major project and painted the bathroom. My husband will be returning home to optimistic yellow. I still need to complete all the finishing touches but overall I am happy with it. The kids went to a party, had all their normal activities of gymnastics, guitar, and church. Life continued to march on but I felt like I was on hold.

I could not sleep. It seems as though I woke up every half and hour after I laid down to sleep. I did not even try to go to sleep until one in the morning every night because I knew it would be futile. The days dragged on each one long and dull. I felt like a one dimensional person. I am looking forward to my better halves return and a good nights sleep!