Friday, January 27, 2006

My oldest daughters graduation announcements arrived today. I held the box, knowing that they would arrive sooner or latter. I had, after all, ordered and paid for them. Somehow knowing that they would come and having them actually arrive seem like two unrelated events to me. It is only now that I have opened the box and looked several times that it is sinking in. In three months we will attend her graduation ceremony. The invitations are beautiful. The school colors of red, black and silver trimming the school crest. The class flower is the white lily and their motto is "In our hands we hold today, in our dreams we hold the future." I for one am excited about her future because she is talented, gorgeous, fun, caring, loving, and intelligent. She is a wonderful person who I am so proud of and I know that her future will be bright! Mine will be a little lonelier.