Saturday, February 11, 2006

No Where To Lay My Head

We have finally had to come to the unhappy conclusion that our dog has seperation anxiety. We knew it and were dealing with it as best we could with mixed results, but today about sent me over the edge. If you recall the last time that I mentioned this dog we had determined it was going to be necessary to crate him whenever we left the house because of the destruction he has caused. This has gone fairly well until today. Somehow, he managed to rip the door off of his kennel. We have no idea how long he was out and about in the house but he managed to get into plenty of trouble. The first thing that greated us when we arrived home was the dog who obviously was not in his kennel. Then we noticed the urine that was somewhat dried on the floor and a bag of doggie treats laying on the rug by the entry closet. He had to open the closet door to get the treats. My daughter later told me that she had seen the dog attempting to open that particular door a couple of times as he obviously new that the treats and dog food were in that closet. Upon further investigation we discovered that both living room chairs had been thrown up in and that he had pooped and urinated on the living room rug. Already seeing red I was not prepared for the mess he had created on my bed. We later pieced togather that on top of the doggie treats, he had eaten a cinnamon roll with creme cheese frosting and a bowl of butter. No wonder there was puke everywhere. The dog has been sent back outside and is not coming back in until we can gain some control over these issues. In the meantime it is after midnight and I am sitting at the computer on my excersise ball when all I want is to lay down and sleep. The only problem of course is that there is no where for me to lay down. I am still waiting on sheets to dry for my bed, the living room furniture is still drying after being throuroughly cleaned and the same goes for the floor.

I searched the web for help with this anxiety issue but I am not impressed with what I found. Sounds like we need a vet, behavioral therapist, medications, a dog walker / doggie daycare and a several weeks of vacation time so that we can train our dog to relax. Please! If anyone is getting a therapist it is ME!