Monday, January 16, 2006

Sanity Threatened

I must confess to being a neat freak and organizational fruitcake. As a result my home has the ability to drive me insane. Between five people, all their stuff crammed into less than 1000 square feet and the perpetual remodeling that is occurring there are days like today when my inclination is to a)sit down and cry or b) throw things and cry. If I could take pictures and post them I would but I have not advanced to that technological level. I am in the pre technology stage. (aware yet unable) Every step my husband takes forward seems to destroy some other piece of the house. The major undertaking right now is rewiring the house. Once this is done we will be able to drywall the new addition and patch up all the other drywall that has been torn up in the rest of the house during this process. Unfortunately in order to reroute all of these wires another wall of drywall had to be removed in the dining room. This room had been previously untouched by the remodeling. Then he had to cut a hole in a kitchen wall next to the stove. The drywall has been patched back in but it has not been mudded, finished or painted.

Concerning this area next to the stove.... when we removed the dry wall in this area we took out a little freezer that had been against that wall. This area is where a pantry would eventually be. In the meantime I decided to get rid of the little freezer and put a shelving set there for storage. Anyone else would measure, go to the store and buy a shelf. Come home, put it together and slide it into the space. Not us. After going to every store in our town that might carry shelves and finally deciding on one we bring it home knowing that we are going to have to cut the legs down a tad to make it fit. Once the legs are cut we went to slide it into the space and low and behold it would not fit. The microwave juts out to far. In order to "slide this shelf into place we have to move an entire bank of cabinets and the microwave over three inches. This is a testimony to the man I am married to. It is almost 11 at night and he is taking all of my dishes out of the cupboards and moving them so that we can get that shelf in. It is a testimony to my personal strength of character that I have not completely lost what little shred of sanity I have left!