Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Day Off; Sort Of

Because the children in our household outnumber the adults we occasionally but infrequently have a situation in where there are not enough parents to go around. Today was one of those days. Our oldest daughter needed to be at a speaks competition at ten. Our middle daughter had a gymnastics competition at nine and our son had a derby car race at nine. I would like to note that all three of these events took place in different cities! I took the gymnastics meet, my husband took the derby car race and my sister played mommy fill in at the speech competition taking pictures and being supportive. Text messages flew back and forth between these events to keep everyone appraised of how each child was doing. The oldest child scored a perfect one on her performance at the speech competition. Our middle daughter won first place all around in her competition. Our son won his first race but lost in the elimation round. By the time we converged on the house it was afternoon and I was wiped out. I did something I usually do only when I am deathly ill. I laid down and took a nap. My family ate leftovers today. I did not bake. I did not do any laundry and I did not clean anything. I laid on the couch and slept. When I woke up I laid on the couch some more. My middle daughter informed me that she like it when I laid on the couch. I am usually busy she said. It was fun to lay around with me. I am feeling slightly guilty but refreshed.