Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome Home

One of the things I enjoy frequently is fresh flowers in my home. They are a staple on my weekly grocery list. Most people do not buy flowers for themselves instead they wait for a spouse to purchase them on an anniversary or birthday and so they are enjoyed only once or twice a year. This is partially due to expense, but anymore a lovely bouquet can be purchased from Walmart for under five dollars. I think the real reason is that people do not think about the atmosphere of their homes. The home has become the dropping off point and not much more. We drop our bags and coats at the door late in the evenings and pick them up on our way out early the next morning. Our homes are meant to be more than this. Our home is where we come, exhausted and drained to be recharged, loved on and supported. Our homes should be lovely. Fresh flowers are a simple touch that reflects the beauty of our homes. Several of my friends have lived in Europe and they have remarked to me that flowers are very common. Street vendors sell them and they are seen in almost all homes.

If you work outside of your home you have extra challenges into his area. Your time is limited and often you will be coming home after dark. I know it may seem wasteful but on Wednesday when I leave in the morning I know that I will not be home until after dark so I turn the outside light on and I turn on an entry way lamp that has a little 25 watt light bulb in it. Just enough light to let me get the key in the lock and light up the entry way as we come in. The first thing we see as we walk in is a vase of flowers. It makes our entrance into the home cheerful and welcoming instead of cold and frightening! Coming home to a dark house is not my favorite experience. We also happen to have poor street lighting in our neighborhood that adds to the "scary" ambiance so I consider that money well spent.

I hope you buy yourself some flowers today! You are well worth the extra expense!