Monday, April 30, 2012

Life Update

It is hard to believe that 6 months have gone by since I have taken time to write my thoughts here!  I have missed it but also know that I just do not have a lot of consistant free time to pull togather coherent thoughts.  Sparadic is the best I can hope for but I will try to do better than once every six months.  Alot of things going on in our family life so I thought I would give everyone an update.

On September 13, 2011 I wrote a blog updating everyone on the proccess of fostering and adopting that we were in.  Almost 7 months later I am happy to report that we are only weeks away from finalizing!  The files were sent to our lawyer last week and we should have a court date for finalization this next week.  It has been 16 months since we brought this little amazing gift into our home.   In some ways the proccess takes so long and is so fustrating and yet how quickly these months have flown by. I can't wait to post pictures of our littlest gift!

In March, we moved from our home of 18 years to a house three times the size in the town where my husbands business is located.  We now are just five blocks from his work.  We are loving the space and loving the community.  It was very emotional for us to leave the our home but I am hopefully, that this will become the home of all of our hearts and am very thankful that our dear oldest daughter was here to participate in the move and is able to live in the new house for several months. I wanted this to feel like her home, not the home her family moved to!