Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Adoption is Redemption"

“My friends, adoption is redemption. It’s costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him. And when He redeems us, we can’t even really appreciate or comprehend it.” From Praying through adoption by Michele C. Scott.

I can testify to the truth of this statement on several levels. First as a redeemed sinner for whom Christ died. The magnitude of the sacrifice He made for me is unfathomable. Because of his sacrifice I have been adopted into the family of God. Secondly as an adoptive mother. The process has been and is costly. It has cost us time as we deal with many doctors, social services, visits with birth parents, therapists, court appearances and constantly fluxing and changing schedules. It has cost us sleep as we stayed up well into the night praying over children who had severe nightmares and traumas that took months to work through. It has cost us relationships and activities. It has been exhausting physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It has been expensive and it has been outrageous at times. The process is filled with uncertainty and no guarantees. Every day it seems there are highs and lows as we ride the roller coaster. We are now in the process of our third adoption and the hills remain steep. We are trusting God for his will to be done, his glory to be shown and his timing to be the perfect timing even when we can not see how it will be accomplished.

It continues to be costly, exhausting, expensive and outrageous as we learn to parent our two adopted children whose needs and issues from their earliest living situation have left them with scars that will need much time to heal. It continues to be all of those things as our three oldest children adjust and continue to adjust to having much younger siblings. Our family looks radically different than it did two years ago. Our home is radically different. Praise God! Without this experience, we would not have grown as deep in our walk with Christ. Our faith would be smaller than it is now. I am thankful everyday for the blessings that adding these three little lives to our home has brought to our family.