Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Children's Bedrooms

We made it! The last post in our spring cleaning series, the children's bedrooms. I am not actually doing my kids bedrooms today because we are expecting rain and I want to be able to hang out all of the bedding. I will have to wait for a warmer sunnier day! If I were spring cleaning their bedrooms today I would be doing the following:
  • Mattresses vacuumed and turned
  • All bedding washed and dried
  • Pillows cleaned
  • Underneath the bed
  • Toys organized and sorted. Use the three piles: one for donations, one for garbage, and one for sale.
  • Sort clothing's. My kids hate this but I make them try on all their summer clothes and take an inventory of things like socks and underwear. This gives me a really good list of things that they need. I also look through their winter things. Use the three piles here too!
  • organize dresser drawers and closets
  • Sort shoes. What do they need, whats to small or worn out.
  • Windows and curtains cleaned
  • Trash cans
  • Light fixtures dusted and washed