Thursday, July 13, 2006

Victim of a theft

I was robbed sometime between Friday and Sunday. I know this because the items in question were seen on Thursday, but I was not in my vehicle Friday or Saturday. When I got in the truck on Sunday It took a few moments for me to realize that my CD visor was missing. At first I was puzzled but upon the discovery that my oldest daughter was also missing her CD's from her car I came to the conclusion that someone had stolen them. I typically do not lock my car doors. A habit I should change, but I keep thinking I live in small town American, and its safe here. I should know better. I have however, had a good laugh at the robbers expense. They were probably not expecting to have stolen praise and worship CD's and I am sure the Latin pronunciation CD was a thrill for them as well. The only thing that miffs me about it is that once they know what they have and realize they don't want it, they are not likely to return it. I can only hope the CD's bring them closer to God and that they learn a little Latin on the side.