Friday, July 28, 2006

Book sale blessings

My family and I have been volunteering together this summer at a book sale. The profits from the sale will be given to crisis pregnancy centers. A cause near and dear to my heart. It is not very exciting work. It is hot in the warehouse with no Air conditioning. The boxes and boxes of books are dirty and dusty and sometimes moldy. There is nothing glamorous about emptying the boxes, marking them with a green dot, pricing them, sorting them by category and then putting them back into a box for the sale. It is discouraging because despite our work and the work of others the stack of boxes to be sorted grows and it seems as though we make so little progress. We feel a little bit like David against Goliath. It is also discouraging because despite our attempts to get the word out no other families have shown up to help and my children have taken note of this.

And we have been blessed........... This experience of us all working together has given us common ground. Stories and experiences that we share with one another. Conversations start with things like, do your remember when the cricket jumped out of the box and mom screamed, or when dad tore that book on how to gamble up. The children are praised on how hard they worked, and on their accomplishments while we are there. We are blessed ...... Because my family has the opportunity to watch God work. As we pray for more volunteers, as we pray for Our Lords help to accomplish a task that is larger than we are, as we ask him to make this a success so that the name of Jesus can be spread through the pregnancy centers my children are seeing first hand the works of God. We are blessed ..............Because I have been further been able to share my love of books and literature. I have found several books that were childhood favorites that we have read together. Our family will have purchased a small fortunes worth of books before the sale is over!