Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Over achievers

My children and I enjoyed the movie Cheaper by the Dozen so it seemed natural to surprise them with the sequel for a family viewing night. The sequels are never as good as the original. I wish I had remembered that hard and fast rule before I spent $20.00 on the movie. The main antagonist in the movie is an over achiever who makes his children read for an hour every day all summer. As this part of the plot unfolded all eyes in the room were, you guessed it, locked on to me. I also require an hour of reading every day. We do this all year round so it is not new but they don't get a "break for summer." Terribly tragic. When we signed up for the summer reading challenge at our local library the children and I figured out that at an hour a day for the next six weeks using five days a week and taking off a week for balance our goal could easily be 25 hours. My son faced the librarian first and asked him how many minutes he wanted to read. DS replied that he was going to read 25 hours. The librarian started to record 25 minutes when he corrected her. She gave him a weird look but wrote it down. My daughter was next and told her the same thing. She looked right at me and informed me that this was a lot of reading. Would we not like to reconsider and choose a more reasonable goal? I thanked her for her concern but explained that for us this was a reasonable goal. She then gave me the same weird look she had given the kids. I would have thought a librarian would have been thrilled out our commitment to reading and would have encouraged us. She must be employed by the same people who run the public school.