Monday, June 19, 2006

Fathers Day

My children and I honored my husband, their father yesterday by designing an entire day around the things that were important and relaxing to him. We went to church as a family and then took him out to eat at a restaurant of his choice. Then we took him to a shoe store where we bought him a new pair of sneakers. From there we went on to a clothing store for a new brown belt. We did not detour in the store to look at anything other than shoes and belts for him wanting to make this as quick and as painless as possible. When we arrived home we put our man to bed for a Sunday afternoon nap. Knowing it would please him I even laid down and took a nap with him. (Okay, I read while he napped. I find it very difficult to sleep in the middle of the day.) When he woke up he was greeted with a new DVD which we watched together as a family. (Yes, I also sat down and watched the entire DVD without engaging in any other activities.) After that we took a two hour walk around our town enjoying the scenery and each others company. I think it was a happy fathers day for him.