Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Afternoon Well Spent

The courts ruled today about Intelligent Design. They decided that it could not be taught or for that matter mentioned in the public educations system. While Christian parents are suing the state and attempting to stop the indoctrination of their children into atheism and socialism their children continue to learn that there is no God and that everything they see just happened.

In contrast, this afternoon my children and I sat on our couch and we read about how God created the bees and the flowers. We read about how pollination occurred and how complicated this process is. So complicated that bees are equipped with specific things that make the pollenation process happen. Did you know that in the morning the bees from a hive decide what type of flower they are going to visit on that day and then they only visit that one specific type of flower. In that way they transfer the pollen from one kind of flower to only the like kind of flowers all day. They go to the flowers because they need nectar and there is no where else to get it. . The flowers are created with "landing pads" for the bees to land on. When they land their legs are covered by the pollen. Did you know that bees are able to see ultraviolet spectrums of light that we do not see. By seeing these shades of purple the very design of the flower actually leads the bee to the nectar. It is an amazing and complicated process that allows the bees to survive and flowers to procreate.

I suppose I could have sent my kids to public school where they could have been taught the faith it requires for them to believe that the bees and flowers happened by mere chance and I could have spent hours fighting the system that I sent them into. Instead we had a delightful afternoon and we learned more about the awesome creative power of God. An afternoon well spent!