Saturday, November 26, 2005

Home Improvement

My husband and I purchase our first home 12 years ago. We bought a house we could afford, in an area we liked. Our first spring in our new home I suggested to my husband that the concrete slab porch would look better with a wood floor and a railing of some kind. He immediatly began this project and the saga continues to this day. It was because of this one project, that our house for the last twelve years has been in various states of repair. You see, we discovered that we had been mislead when we bought our house and that there were some serious issues, like the fact that our house had no foundation or that the kitchen floor over a crawl space was rotting out from underneath because of the moisture in the crawl space.

In the last twelve years the living room became our bedroom, the laundry room became a bathroom, a bedroom became an entry way, we added a full basement under the house, and replaced all the windows and siding. I wish we could say that it is finished but even as I type this another round of remodeling has begun and my bedroom is completely open to the rest of the house. There is electrical work, plumbing work, drywalling and tiling work to be done. In fact there is not a single room in this house that is finished and there has not been since we started that first project.

To say it has been excersise in patients would be an understatement. My oldest daughter will be graduating from high school this year and the dream bedroom she has always wanted will be ready in time for her to leave for college. My other son and daughter who have always shared a room will finally have rooms of their own. We will go from one bathroom to two bathrooms. There have been times when I prayed for a tornado to take the house but for the most part I have been content.. It is not the surroundings but the people who have made this a wonderful place to call home.