Friday, July 29, 2005

Sola scriptura

I have been short on time the last few weeks to post as much as I would like to. I am working on a project for my husband that involves me sitting in front of the computer for hours every day. By the time I do that I am computer's out!

My interesting thought for this week involves a phrase called sola scriptura, scripture only. I speny some time looking for information because on the surface I totally agree with scripture only. I do not think that there is anything else in life needed to know God. The scriptures are profitable for teaching, training in righteousness, and rebuking. As I studied the concept I saw that over time sola scriptura became solo scriptures and the authority of the church became a non factor in religious life. I found that very interesting and I wondered as I look towards our churches what authority they have today? The church over the centuries has had a huge impact on societies standing against drinking, gambling, prostitution, and other sins. Up until recently society has responded to the authority of the church. The churches position on these issues was exfoliate to the law of the land. Today the church seems to be silent. Gambling is being legalized and in fact run by the state. I do not hear an outcry by the churches. Abortion continues, where is the church? Divorce is rampant even in the church, where is the church? We have been silenced by society. We no longer impact society, it is impacting us. Instead of the church as a body we have become individuals with individual beliefs. The church has lost its authority.

We see this in the life of the daily church in division over issues that the church has over centuries been firm on. Churches are not run by pastors but rather by church members. The pastor in fact may have very little authority to guide the church. An elected board runs the business of the church but usually does very little in regards to shepherding their flock.

Food for thought.