Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday February 22, 2010
Outside my window: The sun is shining. It is going to be a bright day! We dodge the bullet so to speak over the weekend. They had predicted 10 inches of snow for us but we did not see a single snowflake.
I am thinking:
From the learning room: I am working on planning a unit study on poetry for our co-op to begin next week. This was one of my favorite unit studies that I have done with my own children so I am looking forward to sharing it. Now that I have gone through most of DMD's freshman year I feel like I have a better idea of what types of records I need to keep so I am working on creating some forms for her high school record keeping binder that will be easier to use than what we have done this year. Tonight is DMD's last cake class and she will have completed Wilton course 1.
In My kitchen: Friday, Saturday and Sunday we ate out due to the beef expo. Tonight we have small group dinner. What is left of the week looks like this.....
Tuesday: Bean Burgers, stir fry, Rice
Wednesday: grill cheese and applesauce
Thursday: Country Brunch Casserole
I am wearing: shhh... sweats and a t shirt! Its a comfy stay at home day!
I am praying: Mr. and I arrived at several conclusions this past week. Primarily that we want to adopt and that we need to be proactive in order for this to happen. So, I have begun looking at private adoption agencies as well as searching the U.S. for sibling. With the encouragement of our oldest daughter I sent several inquiries about different children out over the weekend. Our oldest daughter is sending out job applications for teaching positions. The hiring process could be complicated with her so far away.
I am reading: The Sisters of Holmes County Series by Wanda Brunstetter
I am hearing: LOTS of activities! There is a cake being baked, piano being practiced, talking, laughing and general activity around the house today with my dear nieces here! No co-op today as it is the 4th Monday so we have a pretty relaxed day!
Around the house: I need to pick up a mattress for the top bunk bed and look at some small dressers.
A few plans for the week: DMD has last cake class tonight. Quilting tomorrow. I am going to a ladies night out to hear one of my favorite speakers Wednesday evening. Friday we have writing class. DYS and Mr. are attending a pheasants exhibition and working for a time in the 4 H exhibit. We also have a home visit with our support worker to come up with a new family plan. Saturday evening a local church is having a free symphony concert that should be awesome. I also need to give some haircuts to the men in my life! Its looking to be a busy week.
One of my favorite things: A turtle made of "Tiffany" glass that acts as a light.

Isn't it tooo cute! We found it at an antique store a couple weeks ago.
Another of my favorite things is antique shopping with Mr.! I am hoping we can Saturday morning for awhile.