Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday November 2, 2009

Outside my window:
the sun is peaking up a little earlier thanks to day lights savings time. We "fell" behind Saturday night. Sunday we hit the mid sixties and should be well in the fifties today. Can't complain about that for the beginning of November!

I am thinking:
about woman as the rib for her husband. This was discussed in last weeks bible study and I found it very interesting. The rib inside the human body has a job to do. It protects the hearts and vital organs. A rib helps support the framework of the body. If any of you have ever had a broken rib you will immediately know how terrible the pain is and how it does not go away overnight. Our choice as wives is to be a support and to protect our husbands hearts and vital organs. If we don't we are quite literally a pain.

From the learning room:
Last week went on a field trip to the civic center where we watched a one person performance of Ellis Island. The lady did a wonderful job. With each character her hat and her accent changed. We really enjoyed it. We will be going back in February to watch Buffalo Soldiers.
From the kitchen:
Friday: Home made pizza and bread sticks
Saturday: Spaghetti, salad, and bread sticks
Sunday: left overs
Monday: crock pot chicken and rice
Tuesday: kids choice (corn dogs and ham and cheese pockets YUCK)
Wednesday: church
Thursday: Potato soup and bread
I am wearing:
pajamas. I am not dressed and showered for the day yet.
I am going:
to co-op
Small group is at our house this week.
I am praying for:
DOD who called last night and is not feeling well. For MDYN who has an ear infection and for my family who hopefully won't catch my cold that has put me under the weather for the last week.
I am reading:
The Hearts Treasure by Catherine Palmer. A nice light fictional read. I have not finished What Would Audrey do yet. It is just not holding my attention.
I am hearing:
lots of chewing. Everyone is eating breakfast.
Around the house:
Mr. took some time this weekend to put up this railing. It still needs stain but then so do lots of things around this house like the doors and section of floors. Mr. also spent some time doing some framing for dry wall in our bedroom bay window. Its amazing to me that most of the house only needs trip and stain to be finished.

We need to get a light fixture to cover this light bulb. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, when we put the light in we did the rational thing and centered over the stairs. This in turn put the light where it needed to be but did not leave enough room on the left hand side for a very big base. I have been ignoring it for years but we have to cover it now as it was noticed in our home inspection last week. The other problem is that all the light fixtures in this area need updated. I am going to have to take a day to go look and see what I can find.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I am going to the Hearts at Home Conference in Rochester this next weekend. Its one night away from home and hopefully one solid day of someone pouring into me. As moms we do most of the pouring. It is important to make sure that we are getting filled. So, while I am not normally a big fan of conferences or spending the night in hotel I am looking forward to spending some time with a good friend and just chilling!

One of my favorite things:
We bought this piano off of Craigs list for 50 dollars less than what I had budgeted. When we got it home the keys began to randomly stick and I was very worried that we had gotten a bad deal. The piano tuner came out last week and unstuck all of the keys for $40.00 He is going to come back in December to tune it. We needed to wait for the humidity to go down. Even needing tuned it is amazing how much fuller and richer the piano sounds than the keyboard. The only feature I miss that the keyboard had was VOLUME control!