Monday, April 20, 2009

Simple Womans Daybook

Monday April 20, 2009

Outside my window the sun is shining! A very nice change from the weather yesterday. It was so cold and it rained and rained yesterday!

I am thinking about how wonderful it will be to be home today! Just a five hour drive between this hotel room and my home!

I am thankful for beautiful sunny and warm days on Friday and Saturday! I am thankful for a wonderfully clean hotel room and the incredible amount of hot water for the shower!

From the learning room; School will resume tomorrow. We will be knuckling down and working hard until the end of May.

From the kitchen ; This is my first priority when we get home! The refrigerator is empty as is the freezer and the pantry!

I am wearing my new pink Lands End Sheath Dress that I got at the thrift store in Ohio for four dollars!

We are going home!

I am reading; The Messiah Formerly Known As Jesus by Tom Breen. It is awful and I doubt I will finish it. He is a blogger who has put his thoughts on how pop culture and Christianity intersect. Unfortunately he has so many errors on Christianity that what could have been an insightful book is just not even worth reading!

I am praying for travel mercies and our readjustment to life at home. DYS always has adjustment syndrome when we return normal life.

I am hearing Little House on The Prairie from the Hallmark channel. One of our treats while staying in a hotel is getting the Hallmark channel!

Around the house spring cleaning and gardening are about to be in full spring! I have been waiting weeks for this!

A few plans for the rest of the week; DYS has his first softball game this week. Beyond that I am at a loss. I need to have a serious planning meeting with my calender! I haven't looked at it in weeks!