Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is often overlooked for in its importance in the grand scheme of our homes. It is a private sanctuary, a refuge, a retreat, and the space of our most intimate moments. It should be a space that invokes peace and quietness into your life. In smaller homes like ours it is easy to want to use this space for multiple functions. At one point our master bedroom served as my office, the gym, television room and bedroom. It can also be used as a catch all for all the miscellaneous things that we don't have time to find a place for. Friends come over and we throw everything in the bedroom and shut the door. I have been on a journey to reclaim this space as a sanctuary for our marriage. This has definitely been a case of one step forward and two steps back! A success occurred when I moved my office from the bedroom last year to a nook in the hallway. It was amazing how that changed the aura of the room. It was much more peaceful when I laid down to rest. The TV is still in our bedroom, its removal under frequent discussion, but Mr. enjoys laying down to watch a little TV to relax before going to sleep.

This is our bedroom during spring cleaning. You can tell from the lack of dry wall in the bay window that we are still in the process of renovating this room. To begin cleaning I removed all the bedding for the wash. It will get hung outside to dry and brought back in when the room is finished. The mattresses were rotated and thoroughly vacuumed. Everything was brought out from underneath the bed and all the little dust bunnies chased down. You can see my handy tool kit on the corner of the bed. The light in the bay window needs to be moved. It was over my desk but is no longer needed there. All of the curtains were taken down, washed and the windows cleaned. There was the usual dusting with special care given to lamp shades. The closets take the longest time. Everything gets sorted through, refolded, organized and returned neatly. I noticed that I had several small totes of craft and sewing items so I did make a trip to the store for a small drawer unit which now holds all of those items neatly in one space. Several piles were started; one for things that need storage in the attic, one for donations and one for garbage. These three piles will continue to grow as I work my way through the house.

Here is our bedroom put back together. I make the bed first thing every morning. It is the focal point of our bedroom so I always want it to be pretty and inviting. An unmade bed does not say welcome! You can see the lamp that was in the bay window is now hanging next to the bed. The room smells so fresh and wonderful! The lamp that was on that side of the bed moved to other side to replace a smaller light that really was not adequate to read by. That light will get moved to my desk in the hallway. I had several things stored in the bay window that needed to be taken out. A large mirror that currently does not have a home on any wall, the paper shredder that somehow did not get moved with my desk, a large roll of craft paper, and two boxes of the kids school work for this past year. The bay area now is clutter free!

We have three remote controls in our room as well as a few misc. things that were just laying on my nightstand. I had this basket in another room of the house where it was not being used so I brought it in to my nightstand, adding an extra special touch to the ordianary! It is always nice to find items in our homes that can be used to solve a problem instead of just buying another thing!

I took Mr.'s antigue dresser outside into our screen porch and oiled it. I found a product called Finish Feeder that had ingredients similar to the polish I was going to make. I was amazed at how the difference it made! It was a good thing that I did it outside because it definitely had fumes! I really want to use it on several largest pieces of furniture that I won't be able to move outside so I will have to use fans and open windows.

We have a screen in porch that sits just off our master bedroom. It also got a good cleaning yesterday. I set my plant stand up and got tomato and pepper seeds sowed. I also laid out our potatoes to encourage sprouting. What a day!