Sunday, June 25, 2006

Daughter Returns Home

My daughter was gone for the past week on a missions trip with our church. She called us Saturday to let us know she was back in town but going to get pictures and things developed. We would all try to meet up at some point. The rest of us had taken in a local arts festival. When we arrived home my husband speculated that our daughter had been home and left again. I told him that was not possible and that I was absolutely certain she had not been home. How did I know that he wondered. Because, everything was where it was supposed to be! Latter that evening after she had come home I pointed out the evidence of her home coming. All of a sudden there were three extra pairs of shoes by the door, clutter all over the counter top, chairs not pushed in, clutter on and surrounding the computer desk and a completely destroyed bathroom. Yes, she was home now.