Friday, April 14, 2006

Decorum Wanted

Decorum is defined as propriety of speech or behavior; suitableness of speech or behavior to ones own character or to the characters present, the place and the occasion; seemliness; decency; opposed to rudeness. I would love to see a little decorum reassert itself in our society. Everything goes anymore. We just let it all hang out and the result is that nothing is special anymore. We don't dress for church, we wear casual wear everywhere and for any occasion. Sadly we are so far gone that we don't even recognize how far gone we are.

My family has spent the last month traveling, staying in hotels across the country. We tend to stay in hotels that are family friendly. They have pools and frequently offer a breakfast buffet in the morning. In the four hotels that we have stayed at in the last month that have offered the breakfast I have encountered people in their bathrobes, with bare feet, uncombed hair and morning breath. I could not believe it. It would take a fire of serious proportions to get me out of our hotel room looking like I just woke up. As I have mentioned this to people I have gotten varied responses. The one I am most amused by is that they will never see these people again so why should they care. If you can't be motivated by being a blessing others than at least have some self respect.

Lack of decorum has aided itself to a lack of manners and a lack of civility. Its bad enough that I have to shut the TV off whenever a commercial appears due to some unsuitable topic but now out and about in public people take absolutely no notice of who is around them before swearing or speaking about private matters that no one else need hear. In one of the bathrooms the woman next to me was on her cell phone chatting away the entire time I was there. We have had to change hair stylists several times because of unsuitable conversations and lack of decorum. I fear to know how far we shall slide before we hit bottom and this societal trend reverses itself.