Thursday, March 23, 2006

Girls excel at expense of boys

Ames Iowa, The state science fair is happening this weekend. News reports went something like this ; The state science fair in Ames Iowa has attracted a record number of participants. Mention was made of several past participants who went on to win scholarships or who invented things that were patented. It was a nice story, right up until the end when they reported that "this year there are more boys than girls." The feminist news reporter obviously viewed this a victory for all the little girls who were there to out shine their male counterparts. I thought it was depressing. Another sign that we have marginalized our sons from their education. Now, they are not even able to excel in areas that they traditionally excelled in because so much emphasis has been placed on the girls that they have been left out. Girls should absolutely be able to be proficient and accomplished in the math and science areas but it should not be at the expense of the boys education any more than the boys proficiency should be at the expense of the girls. Girls are traditionally stronger in their verbal skills. Should we focus all of our attentions on the boys verbal skills, putting all of our classroom time and money into improving the boys verbal scores while allowing the girls to fall behind? No one would tolerate that and yet that is exactly what has occured in the math and sciences to the boys.