Monday, January 02, 2006

The Problem With The Church

The problem with the Christian church is not that sinners attend it. My husband is fond of reminding me that Church would be perfect if all the sinners did not show up on Sunday for service. Upon further reflection I have decided the problem is not that sinners show up, it is that the sinners have forgotten that they are sinners.

They think that upon saying the "sinners prayer" that the work Christ started in them is finished. No further improvement needed. The come to church and study their bibles. Lead Sunday School classes and go on expensive mission trips but when it comes right down to it all they have is head knowledge. They can quote scripture but the scripture has no application in their lives. They seem to have forgotten the very reason Jesus was. This is the excuse people find for not attending church. It is a valid reason except that their very reason not to attend is the one of the reasons that they should. Once upon a time the mission field of the church was society. The current mission field for bible believing, Christ loving people is within the walls of the church. While everything seems so pretty on the outside our churches are rotting on the inside. The fields within the church are ripe for harvest. Let the faithful attend. Let them be humble and let Christ do his work in the church.