Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lovely In Dress

In a couple of months I will turn 35. I am still learning how to dress myself in the most attractive manner for me. I have made quite a few mistakes in this area as seen by the following phases that I have passed through.. There was the I am home with children all day long sweat suit phase. Followed by the I am extremely over weight and found Jesus long skirt and baggy sweater phase which lasted way to long. I then entered the I have lost a lot of weight and feel good about myself phase which led me to wear fashions that I may be to old for and honestly had not lost enough weight to wear!. I am currently moving into a new phase which I have not labeled yet but I hope will bring balance to my wardrobe.

It is a challenge to dress in a manner that is lovely but I think it is worth the effort. How we dress affects how people view and treat us, how we view ourselves, and even has psychological affects on how our day will go. For instance I dressed down this morning because I had a major cleaning project to tackle. Normally I would have finished the project and dressed for the rest of my day but this evening
my sister is going to be doing my hair. Because of this I was unable to fix my hair this morning. Then I chose to wear an old stained sweatshirt in case anything would drip on my clothes. As a result I have felt unmotivated and I have been praying all day that no one comes to my door!

Just for the record this is not vanity. It is wanting to look my best when I represent my family and Christ in public. Feeling my best gives me the boost I need to respond to people in a fashion that is lovely. It also allows people to respond back to me in a manner that is also lovely. I think what to many woman fail to recognize is that when they are dressed nicely, in a feminine fashion, and are portraying themselves modestly they will be treated in those ways by the people they come in contact with. I have often noticed that when I am in a nice skirt, men tend to hold doors open for me. I have seldom had a door opened for me when I am dress in jeans.

My favorite quotes on woman and clothing;

Elisabeth Elliot "Dress so that they know you are a woman but also so that there is no doubt you are a lady."

A woman was made for something higher than a convenient figure for displaying dry goods." Timothy Titcomb

In reality clothes are only a reminder of our sin. Author unknown